It can be incredibly complicated when dealing with insurance companies, especially when they are car insurance companies. It’s very easy to forget that the insurance company is, after all, running a business, and any business should try and save as much money as they can whenever or wherever it is possible.

Therefore, you must be incredibly wary about what you say to your car insurance company. The company could easily misinterpret anything you’ve said offhand, which could create some serious problems for you further down the line.

We understand that no one wants to deal with car insurance companies, especially when involved in an accident. We will tell you the secret to dealing with them so that you have nothing to worry about. The problem you face when dealing with car insurance companies is that they are trying to save as much money as possible.

So, you must choose your words carefully when dealing with them, as they can take something you said and use it to their advantage.

To provide some guidance, we will list some of the things that you should never say to your car insurance company, no matter what happens. This is for your own benefit, and it would help you out in the future if you know what to say and what not to say to them. So, here are the things you should note and tell your car insurance company.

1. Dealing with Accident Questions

When an accident happens, it can be incredibly easy to get carried away and say things that may later come back to haunt you. It is the insurance adjuster’s job to get as much information as they possibly can from you after an accident. If you’re not on your guard and don’t answer the questions properly, you may hurt your insurance claim.

So, unless you know with precise certainty how fast you were going, or how far behind another car you were traveling, always say that you believe it was a safe speed or a safe distance, but the exact number is not known to you. The adjuster may ask you this question several times, but you must remain firm and refuse to give them an exact number. At the same time, you should avoid saying that you have no idea because that suggests you were not paying attention when you were driving.

2. Dealing with Injuries

After you’ve been involved in an accident, you should always go ahead and get examined by the doctors before you go to your insurance company. Never tell your insurance company that you are unhurt until after you have gone and seen your doctor. Most accident injuries often tend to affect the muscle tissue, and the pain doesn’t manifest until the next day.

So, you should instead tell the adjuster that you are going to the doctor to be checked, and only then will you know if you have been hurt by accident.

3. Dealing with Potholes

Most people end up making the mistake of claiming damage to their car from a pothole. If you go ahead and tell your insurance company that you have hit a pothole, you have just admitted that you were involved in a single-vehicle collision accident. Making a statement like this will automatically place you at fault in some states. If you believe that the pothole was the fault of the town failing to maintain its roads, you should go ahead and pursue the town directly.

4. Dealing with Damage

You shouldn’t ever say that an accident didn’t damage your car until your mechanic has looked over it. Some cars can be damaged from underneath the panels, and unless a mechanic has gone over the car and thoroughly checked it, you will not know about it.

5. Dealing with Calls

You should never tell your insurance adjuster that you are waiting to hear back from them. Instead, you should tell them when you should expect an answer and when you will call them to follow up. Then you should make the call when you said you would do so. Letting the adjuster know that you are on your toes can help you in getting your case settled as quickly as possible.

When a busy insurance adjuster prioritizes their desk, your case will sit at the top of their pile because your phone calls will use up their time.


No one likes dealing with insurance adjusters and the insurance company when they have been involved in an accident. However, you should be smart about talking to them and knowing what to say and when to say it can go a long way in helping you win your case. Make sure that you consider the 5 things mentioned above when talking to your car insurance company.