If you’re shopping for a new car, you better ensure that it has all the latest safety features. That will reduce the threat of you getting injured if you were ever involved in a car accident. The best part is that auto insurance companies tend to give discounts and lower premiums on cars that are considered safe. Safely built cars also improve your survival chances in an accident.

With the number of fatalities increasing every year in car accidents, a safe car can literally save your and your passengers’ lives. Therefore, it pays to purchase a safe vehicle, and to do that, you need to understand the various factors involved in making a car safe. That will help you when you’re shopping for a safe car. Here are some of the things that you must keep in mind:

1. The Crash Rating

You can check a car’s safety rating or crashworthiness by using a tool provided by the Insurance Highway Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). They also provide safety ratings for crash avoidance, mitigation features, and crashworthiness as well. The design features of any vehicle like the roof strength, seats, car front, sides, and head restraints help reduce the risk of severe injury or death in an accident. Therefore, they play a major role in the crash rating of a vehicle.

2. Structural Design of the Vehicle

When purchasing a safe car, you need to look at the structural design of the vehicle, especially the occupant compartment, which is also called the safety cage. You want to ensure that the car has a front and rear end that has been designed to bend and buckle in a car accident and absorbs the force from the crash. The crush zone should limit the damage and not let it come near the safety cage since if the cage collapses, the risk of injury rises.

3. Weight and Size of the Vehicle

It’s common knowledge that heavier and larger cars are safer to drive than smaller and lighter cars. The statistics back that up, as smaller cars have two times more driver deaths than larger vehicles. However, larger cars can also roll over in an accident and can develop issues. Therefore, the best option would be to purchase a mid-size SUV with high safety ratings.

4. Safety Systems in the Car

You also need to look at all the safety systems in the car, such as head restraints, belts, and airbags, and ensure that they work perfectly with the structure of the vehicle to stabilize it. These features are also designed to protect occupants and keep them safe in serious accidents. They reduce the chances of an individual slamming against something hard or are ejected from the car and suffer injuries.

5. Anti-Locking Brakes

You need to ensure that any car you purchase has got anti-locking brakes and you know how to properly use them. For example, if you have driven cars with conventional brakes, you would know that you need to gently brake on roads that are slippery so that your vehicle doesn’t skid on the surface. However, when you have a car with anti-lock brakes, you will need to learn new habits because you will need to apply pressure for activating the car’s anti-lock brakes continuously.

6. Daytime Running Lights

Any safe car would have daytime running lights that help prevent major accidents during the day. These lights are activated when you turn on the ignition and are generally high-beam lights with lower intensity. These lights increase the distinction between the background and the vehicle and ensure that cars on the road are visible to drivers. They have helped numerous drivers avoid accidents during the daytime.

7. Rearview Cameras

The latest safety feature in more cars is the backup camera or the rearview video system. It is commonly called the backup camera and allows the driver to easily view the surroundings behind the vehicle when they are reversing the car out of their driveway. These rearview cameras will prevent accidents and protect pets, children, and senior citizens who may have wandered into the vehicle’s path suddenly.

8. Accident Prevention Technologies

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has revealed that 95% of fatal accidents are caused by an individual who made poor choices or an error. The latest advanced technology features have helped minimize damage and injuries from accidents by sensing the surrounding environment around the vehicle and alerting the driver immediately. You should look for a car with the latest braking systems and warning systems so that you are notified if you were close to crashing into someone or something.

9. Automatic Crash Notification System (ACN)

One of the best safety features you should look for in any new vehicle is the CAN or automatic crash notification system. It will send an alert to 911 if your car gets into an accident and helps save time, as it sends critical information to emergency responders about the accident.


No matter what car you purchase, you need to ensure that it comes with all the latest safety features and is considered a safe car by auto insurance companies. If you are buying a high-performance vehicle, you should know that they are more prone to accidents because drivers can’t resist driving at high speeds. They will also cost you more money to insure because they don’t have excellent safety ratings and are at a higher risk of getting into accidents.

We hope that we have shared some helpful information about all the things you need to know when you’re shopping for a safe car. No matter how skilled you may be as a driver, you can never predict an accident, and it is best to have a vehicle with safety features to prevent serious injuries or damage.